KUU partners with Vee Finance on Avalanche

KUU will provide backstop liquidity for Vee Finance through on-chain liquidations

DeFi on Avalanche has seen tremendous growth recently with an increased amount of protocols joining the ecosystem. Attracted by its speed, scalability and sub-second finality a new lending protocol commits to bridge the gap between traditional finance and DeFi on Avalanche. Vee Finance, a DeFi cross-chain lending platform for traditional financial users and crypto users alike.

KUU is excited to announce a partnership with Vee Finance to provide backstop liquidity for their platform. Facilitating an ever expanding liquidation protocol, KUU will assist Vee solvency by liquidating under-collateralized loan positions with use of its communal pool.

“As Vee expands Avalanche’s financial services pioneering new DeFi primitives such as lending and leverage products, it is important to secure platform solvency especially during times of high market volatility. Thus, KUU’s partnership allows us to focus on building a new full range of innovations​​”, said Vee.Finance co-founder Tejas Shinge.

“We are more than happy to support Vee Finance as they start their journey on Avalanche. KUU will provide ready access liquidity through Opulentia (on-chain keeper bot) to keep Vee safe, efficient and solvent via liquidations”, said KUU co-founder Jan Helleman.

About Vee.Finance

Vee.Finance is a DeFi lending platform for traditional financed and crypto users alike. They are committed to bridging the gap between traditional finance and DeFi and providing users with better digital asset management services. Users can participate in deposits, loans, long and short position and as well as other functions. The mission of the project is to reduce barriers for traditional users to participate in DeFi and optimize the efficiency of global asset allocation.

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About KUU Finance

KUU protocol is a liquidity backstop for Decentralized Financial (DeFi) protocols within Avalanche by providing reinforcing liquidity to on-chain keepers maintaining the safety and efficiency of the protocols via liquidations and arbitrages.

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KUU is an on-chain liquidity underwriter designed to scale Avalanche’s DeFi ecosystem